Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rockin' Robbins Drill Team

It's showtime!

The premiere of the Rockin 'Robbins Book Truck Drill Team happened on Sunday, April 20th at the Arlington Patriot's Day Parade.
The weather was perfect!
Our book trucks were shiny red.
Our hats and gloves were on.
We were off and running, ( or should I say marching?)
We weren't sure what to expect from the audience, patiently awaiting for the parade to begin. But the first time we heard, the applause, laughter and quite a few shouts of , "we love the library!", that's all we needed. Our "inner celebrity" emerged.
I was quite proud of our troupe. We managed to hang onto our trucks, while waiting to start on a downhill slope. We circumvented the potholes and sewer covers. We proudly marched forward to whatever music the band in front of us was playing. ( Our Portable CD player was a bit useless, once the band started up.)
And before I knew it, we were at the end of the parade. It was the fastest two miles I ever walked. It must have been those magic red book trucks.
Well, as the Gilbert & Sullivan's police in Pirates of Penzance sing "Forward on the Foe, yes forward on the foe!" Onward we shall go to the MLA First Annual Book Truck Drill Team Competition. See you all there!!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your debut! the public loves to see the library do something "different".

see you on May 8th- the challenge is on!

gerry d.

Amanda said...

If the public loves to see the library do something different, wait until they get a load of our "Dancing with Book Carts" routine! "Different" doesn't begin to cover it...