Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bloggers Needed for 2007 MLA Conference!

Branch out and BLOG!

Novice and experienced bloggers needed for MLA conference, Branch Out @ MLA on May 2-4, 2007 in Sturbridge, MA. This year's event includes many great events and speakers at the conference this year, including Keynote Speaker Callie Crossley on Wednesday morning, and a program by Tom Ashbrook Wednesday Night at the Publick House.

What's blogging? Blogging is posting of chronological items in text, audio, image or video format to a website with a feed (for automatic notification of updates) and commenting features (for readers to respond to posts).

The concept is that when you attend a conference session, you can either take notes and post those, or write about your impressions - what you are taking away from the session.

The ideal candidate has:
* Some degree of writing ability
* Comfort with the Blogger web application (note: if you can send an email, you can blog! the post form is very similar to an email composition form)
* Desire for professional development/ publishing opportunities (your real name will go on your post - PDPs available!)

Blogging for just one day is acceptable - bloggers do now have to commit to or be present at the entire conference. Commitment is a minimum of two text posts a day about events, meetings, or sessions. Photos, audioblogging or video blogging are optional but encouraged. A MA Libraries group has been established on Flickr; check it out at

*Free registration for the days attended and blogged (bloggers have to cover their room and meals)
*Free Internet access for bloggers on days attended and blogged

Contact Beth Gallaway at bethg AT mmrls DOT org if you are interested!

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The Eclectic Librarian said...

I'll be there and blogging!