Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tag It!

How are we going to tag our 2007 MLA conference photos so the tag is unique and the images and blog posts are easily findable? Here are some possible tags for MLA conference photos and blog posts I came up with:


MLA2007 is an alternative, but as there are other states and organizations with the MLA acronym, using MALA2007 or masslib07 will make us stand out.



Michael C. said...

I like masslib07 since it mirrors the MLA domain name ( for the website. MALA is less evident.

My two cents.

The Eclectic Librarian said...

I agree with Michael. (Nice pic, by the way, sir.) masslib07 is easy, no one else will use that tag, and it's adaptable to all media (blogs, wikis, Flickr, etc). I'll also use it in my blog for my coverage.