Thursday, May 7, 2009

Booktalking 10 Ways

Donna Johns, librarian at Newton North High School, is reaching teens 'One Teen At a Time." There are many ways to make booktalks more exciting and Donna shared these ways with a large audience on Thursday morning at 9:30 am in Ballroom B.  Using PowerPoint, Donna used twenty slides and her own voice to give us an twenty-second booktalks.  Each booktalk focused on one image which created visual interest.  
Booktalking 10 Ways:
  1. Keep It To Twenty Seconds
  2. Scaffold for Different Kinds of Readers (non-fiction and magazine readers are readers, too!
  3. Differentiate Instruction
  4. Podcast It! (, etc.)
  5. Blog It!
  6. Create Master Booklists (using Library Thing or Shelfari)
  7. Online Book Clubs and Discussions (Dear Reader, etc.)
  8. Use Wikis (to build a collaborative community - or
  9. Build Book Trailers (throw some slides into imovie, add text and an audio track)
  10. Enrich Your Displays (use great items such as a toast with books in it)
If you have questions for Donna, you can email her at

Donnas has two blogs: Looking for a Good Book? and Libraries4Teens.

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