Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Lunch Business Meeting

12:00-1:15 Friday, May 8 Friday Lunch Business Meeting

Richard Callaghan had a few parting words before handing the reigns to his successor, Susan McAlister. Richard thanked everyone for making a difficult year more tolerable and manageable. Richard also thanked the MLA planning committee for all their hard work. Special thanks was given to Michael Colford, Gianna Gifford and Ellen Keane. It is evident from everyone at the conference that their hard work is more than greatly appreciated. I, too, would like to thank them for all their hard work in putting together a successful and meaningful conference. Richard talked about his agenda for the past year. Last summer Richard devised his agenda before he quickly realized the agenda was already set for him. Richard recalled the battle with question #1 (remember it?!) Relive the challenge here. A large groan gave way through the dining room in recognition of the challenges of the ballot proposal. If question 1 wasn’t enough, Richard reminded us of the challenges faced by the tanking economy.

Nora Blake stepped to the lectern to offer her thanks for being allowed to serve as Treasurer for the past year. She enjoyed every moment of it and hoped she could be of service again at some point in the near future.

Gerry Deyermond highlighted the success of the paralibrian programs, including workshops sponsored by the Paralibrian Section, such as “Manage Up!”

Robert Maier, MBLC Rep., stepped to the lectern to offer his many thanks, including special thanks to Richard for reminding us all of the challenges of question 1 and battling an ailing economy. Rob also thanked libraries around the state for their hard work and encouraged all to be vigilant of the challenges to come over the next year. In preparation, Rob encouraged all to be active advocates for their library and community.

Richard took the helm for one final stand (Richard’s last stand). Richard presented Susan with a gavel and stepped aside while Susan offered her promise to let us all finish our lunch and enjoy the great weather. (btw, the chicken was excellent!)