Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book Buzz, continued...

Looks like this session has been pretty well covered by others, but I did want to add a couple things. One thing I found interesting was that the authors all agreed that various types of genre fiction, and its authors, are frequently segregated - "ghettoized" was an expression they used. They were suggesting we may want to move towards treating all fiction, as just fiction - not separating humor or romance, and just put an author's work all together.

The second half of this interesting session allowed representatives from HarperCollins and Macmillan Publishing companies to show us some of the great new books coming out over the rest of 2008. Looks exciting!

Bobby Brinson of HarperCollins suggesting checking their website:
or if you'd like to communicate with someone there about a book you've read, try emailing at:

Talia Ross of Macmillan offered the following link:
and you can email her at:

Both of these publishers have some amazing sounding books coming out.

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