Friday, May 9, 2008

Drill Team

Ok, so you haven't heard from me since the Drill team competition. I had to soak my sorrows in the free Chardonnay at the exhibits party, and pigout on cheese and crackers. It was extremely nice of Demco to give prizes to everyone and the Rockin' Robbins thoroughly enjoyed themselves, in case you couldn't tell. The four teams were fantastic! I think MLA has the best drill teams I have seen. I did not envy the judges. We were proud to be one of the first from MLA

Apparently where the RR missed was the fact that not everyone is a 'DR WHO fan. I had some very interesting conversations at dinner Thursday night. Apparently some of the audience thought that the Darleks were destroying the Robins in an ecological way and then the Robins were revived, ecology ws alive and well and we were tweeting again. S0mething to do with ddt??? and you thought Dr Who was confusing.

I should congratuate Gerry Deyemond and the paralibrarians for having the guts and determination to present this competition. It was great fun and for my library , a great team building experience. By the way, it was noted that My director, Maryellen Remmer- Loud was the only Director in the Drill team.
Congrats to the winners! We all won in the end!!

Thank you for the opportunity!

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