Thursday, May 8, 2008

MLA Technical Service Section Breakfast Meeting

The muffins were great and abundant, but the "busy bees" of the MLA Tech ServicesSection were mostly not in attendance for the brief meeting, including the election of officers put forward by Michael Stevens of Springfield College.

Slate of Officers for MLA Technical Services Section
Cecile Bianco, U Mass Medical, Chair for the upcoming year
Wei Jeng-Chu, Past Chair, Worcester Public Library
Jan Forgit, Pembrook, Vice Chair Technical Services
Jeremy Goldstein, Berkshire Atheneum, Member at Large
Lois Bacon, MLA Membership Committee Liaison
Lydia Pittman, Lasell College, Secretary
Catherine Willis, Boston Public Library, Member at Large

One ballot was cast for the slate of officers.

Other topics of discussion were:

The incredible and successful pre-conference with attendance at over 172 participants

Possible stand-alone program in the fall

Whether Technical Services Section should encourage a separate IT Section
Until that happens, IT would be included in the Tech Services section.

A few members reminisced about the sections history of teaching how to use the fax and that "scarey thing" the Internet.

Cecille Bianco thanked to all Committee Members and especially Wei Jeng-Chu, who was not in attendance.

Motion to adjourn.

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