Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finding Your Message: Brands, Logos, and Taglines

Speaker: Elizabeth Doucett

Creating a Tagline:

From the library's vision statement, we can brainstorm on how to develop a Tagline.

You don’t need to pay a marketing firm huge sums of money – all you need is some inspiration from your staff and a good thesaurus

Great Examples:
West Palm Beach Public Library - An oasis of knowledge
Boston Public Library – Books are just the beginning
Quaker Oats - Warms your heart and soul

We need to think about what makes our library unique.

Another exercise is to have your patrons fill in the blank:

My library is the only place that I can________________.

If the library is not open then I go _________________.

This will give us how and why our patrons use the library. Remember: We have many messages that we want to get across but we need to just pick the most important one.

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