Friday, May 9, 2008

Reaching out to the community

Two childrens librarians from Hudson, Debbie Backman and Melissa Caissie started with the schools, moved to the senior center. Hudson had over 55 book discussion throughout the community. They went to "The Paper Store" after 7 to reach working people. The "Harvest Cafe" for the working moms. They used four books. "The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio", The Westing Game, Beetles Lightly Toasted, The Bugliest Bug. To reach everyone in the community.
Other programs, were Family scrapbooking, Family game night (board games),,,,, Storyteller, with stories about bugs,, Ice cream Hop with music and a local ice cream placed.

Penny Pincher shopping talk,, afternoon movies-not well attended. DVD went out 62 times during program.

A shopping spree was offered - the store donated $200. To enter, you needed to bring nonperishable food item for the food Pantry into the library. A Shopping cart was set up in the entrance and caused quite a lot of publicity.
A video was shown.

Great press - video was put on youtube , a real fun program.

Received great press in all the media.

Staff wore denim shirts every FRiday which helped advertise the books.

They passed out scraps of paper which trivia questions in the spirit of reaching out to the audience this morning."holt the pickle,hold the lettuce" came from what ad?
Hudson is not afraid to try new things, different ways of reaching out to the community and it appears it worked.
?? How did they approach Vendors? just asked. All the places that let you host provided the refreshments.
Publicity was done inhouse ( Publisher) . Sample of theri One Book One Hudson were passed out.

Rubi Simon from BPL. Started Spanish speak out for Children

Started as a 2 day program In the city - Writing workshop. all local developed as social network for Latinos in Boston.

Bilingual, a way to express themselves. The community brought it together first

1995 - THey took it to the next level.
Weeklong program - Writing workshops for whole week. An author series in the evenings. Open to all. 4,5, 6 graders writing about their personal experiences coming into the country.

Rubi attended a lot of community meetings. and offered the library for them.

Being in the library established a whole different level for the progrm.

They are working on getting the students work published. The workshops have grown and flourished. Musicians volunteered to perform for free.

Next year they will try to spread out and move from the Engleston branch to a larger branch.

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poirier said...

This gave me some useful points to keep in mind for a potential "One book, one campus." Do I have permission to share those points on my own blog? Thanks!!!
--Maureen Perry,
University of Southern Maine