Thursday, May 8, 2008

EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS FOR Library Professionals & Paralibrarian

The panel consisted of:

Amy Gavelis

Jane Flanders

Kate LeppanenKate

Mary Johnson Lally

Margaret Cardello

Kelly J Woodside

Well, this is my last blog before the BTDT so I will be leavin at 2:45 to meet my team and prepare for the big moment.

But for now, Let's concentrate on the Staffing Options program.

(Don't worry Maryellen I am not looking for another job, just blogging)

What are other ways to get job satisfaction?

The panel consists of people on different tracks, different jobs.

Amy & Jane are job sharers from Lincoln Library for 21 years.

Childrens librarians. They are lost without their puppets.

Job sharing is coming back. IT was popular in 85.

Characteristics of a job sharer- seek a partner with similar values an customer service options, Complimentary styles, skills & experience, similar work styles. Park your ego at the door., Trust Communication between one another is all important. Use notebooks, emaila, "Handoff time talking .

Having a sense of humor. Their notebooks weren't much help. one quote was

"Jane I'm sorry about the vomit last Saturday, At least the mother could have helped pick it uP"

-Job sharing- teams communicates so well you act as a single individual .

"Two heads Are Better Than One, Mary O' Handley

It's up to you to convince library , that Job sharing is a" good thing."

Kate from Lexington, FLoater librarian

Mary is interval director

Kelly Jo Woodside - career resource at Simmons

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