Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spanning the Distance: Framingham State's Embedded Librarian Program Thursday May 8 4:00p - 5:15p

Spanning the Distance: Framingham State's Embedded Librarian Program Thursday May 8 4:00p - 5:15p
Bonnie Mitchell, Director of Library Services, Framingham State College
Peg Snyder, Circulation Librarian, Framingham State College
Robin Robinson, Director, Distance Education, Framingham State College
Andrea Pickles, Director of Academic Technology, Framingham State College

The Henry Whittemore Library at Framingham State College and the Embedded Librarian Program.

This grew out of the Distance Learning program – using Blackboard
Blackboard has an ASK THE LIBRARIAN discussion feature.

They have 70 + courses 700+ distance ed students.
Peg Snyder was the first Embedded Librarian.+ 2 Faculty members in 2004
2006 3 librarians – 5 faculty members
2008 3 librarians – 5 Faculty members

Peg Snyder’s experience – those who are on board tend to stick with it

· Peg determined faculty expectations - In one case, faculty prefer to use the "Ask the Librarian" discussion feature only.
· In other classes she creates an Exercise Assignment: Students find an article, explain how the student obtained, explain the importance of the article. Librarian reviews and gives feedback.
· For online students, librarians mail both books and articles to the student. (Not for oncampus students, however)
· Remote barcode registration Students interested in using the College library online should email to get started. A bar code number will be sent back by return email.
· OffCampus access to electronic reserves and materials through EZ Proxy. Because of EZProxy access to electronic reserves and databases, the only reason students need a barcode is to be able place an interlibrary loan.

Student feedback - the librarians offered valuable assistance.
Peg estimates that her total time is about 5 hrs/semester as she and colleagues are not actually teaching in the classroom. Another embedded librarian participated in curriculum development and made up a 5 page worksheet: "what is a call number?" etc.

Other programs instituted at Framingham State
E-Reserves through Blackboard piloted in 2005 with a small number of faculty members.

They have instituted a number of Copyright workshops for faculty
The reach out to offer Academic affairs support
Encourage faculty involvement in developing library services

Advice: Form Relationships
· Take someone to coffee
· Volunteer for projects
· Work on Committees
· Get their attention.



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This was such a useful presentation! Do I have the permission to discuss it on my own blog? I would summarize, rather than cover completely. Thanks!!!
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