Friday, May 9, 2008

Just Don't Call Them Seniors

The Facts
implications for libraries
What do we know about this age gr0up
- Looking for options for work -learning- engagement - to do something important for society. The current model is characterized by library lack of aability to make distinction between frail elderly and the active seniors.

There is an attitudinal change.
- In the 50's we don't want to be associated with senior centers.

2.5 college courses are specific for this age group

The trend is going faster than our changes.

Why Libraries?
already support enggement & learning
every aspect should be rethought to gear to this group

-Cognitive SOftware Industry - log on to exercises for your brain
- One Day University 0 EXPENSIVE
- learning in retirement institutes- EXPENSIVE-teachers teaching people

Mass Lib are well positioned for this age group.

National Initiative to support lifelong learning, support productive aging
helps libr focus on this age groups
- leadership development
-instittute for fellows
- best practices dissemination

43 fellows in 23 states
trained libr from AZ, PA,NY,MA DE

- community converstions
dvisory councils
workkshops- clubs
collection development
connections to non profits
physical & visual space

Libraries have the potential to make the process of reimagining, re-visioning and raising consciousness possible. People need to rethink what they can become. Mary Catherine Bateson

Lifelong Access at the
Reading library
Practical application - The library experience Older citrizens
- to adapt tradition
- adopt new services
Active bodies,active minds w/YMCA
free open swim- became a yearly event with exhibitors with free stuff

Identifying the need
-info gathering mode - elder services dept- YMCA- focus groups 55 nd over- surveys
seniors wanted
not volunteer clearinghouse
they wanted social opportunity.
INFO gathering
practical programming
field trips'
discussion series
col & mentoring opportunies
books & coffee

Branding - Live Wires, Boomers and beyond.
a book and film discussion series, speakers and coffee hour series

Discovering whats next.
with Carol Greenfield
Topics included
am Coffee and more ( social before & after) with local authors
- A Lawyer - legal issues for boomers & beyond
- downsizing, genealogy,Elderhostel,Nutritionist, local authors, patient advocacy, scams, ID theft, faith

PM Live wire presents-
-facilitator to lead discussion to talk about issues - less work for staff
physical limitations, family issues.
Movie = "Nobodys Fool"
documentary - Alzheimers
Calendar Girls
The Boynton Beach Club
Life coach for discussion

Book discussions
empty nest

Authors, field trips - with pot luck supper

requested funding- Friends/ local lions club

The social aspect is so important to connect with others. To meet others, they bring others.

5. dont call over 50 seniors
4 do you homework
3 show aa good time
2 food is popular
1 its not really rocket science

Kate - New Haven Ct
runs volunteer center in NH to get them placed i
Partnered with Jim - 50 + transition center

- Most people will elect to postpone old age and work to live longer. People are reinventing themselves throughout their lives.

over 50's are
Challenging the old concepts.

Specific area in the library. - for younger, older adults
- developed a mailing list
--never put in attachment - put in context of the email
--mini meals for right after work.
Partnering - very important AARP will advertise & partner for you.(3mths ahead)

Silver Tsunami - the wave of 50 + who will take over pcs etc

Civic engagement - Tom Freedman

Lunch hour book discussionsss - within the city, bring a lunch
Bringing services to the library - set up a transition center
eg: people can speak with, ask a lawyer, can get passport, someone from social security to ask questions.
library is an esier place for people to come to.

( This Program makes me want to think sbout my future career in my library, I want to look into this- Excellent program, very well put together. great topic -


combination of ideas tied to a theme.



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