Thursday, May 8, 2008

Book Truck Drill Team

Ok, fellow drill teamers. How can I concentrate on Brands, logos, marketing with the first MLA Book Truck Drill Team coming up in just a few more hours. Well, I have been good & did blog through most of it. So now I can have some fun and tell some more Drill Team stories. There are quite a few bloggers in here. so they will finish. Ms. Doucette is doing a wonderful job but I'm getting the Drill team jitters.
I wonder what the cleaning people thought when they went into my room this morning and saw all the strange objects I had scattered throughout the room. A laundry basket, 4 plungers, 10 hats, 10 pairs of gloves, in a drawer . 10 tunics, 10 tshirts.. How many people are staying in this room?
Well Gerry Deyermond, from Andover and I are wondering where the Plymouth and Sandwich people are. We haven't met anyone from there yet. Maybe they are hiding somewhere practicing. ( Gerry gave me that line.).
Well whatever happens today the MLA is making Drill Team history. Ok, we won't be in the history books but this will be something our team members will never forget, and for our audience.. a fun event during a great conference.
Tweet tweet for now.

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