Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday at MLA

What a day, I had today. I lost my "a" key. I officially blogged for the first time. The absolute best for me was Robert Rivest, the mime. I was so relaxed after his class that I blogged the Web 2.0 without using a draft. Yay! This class (mime) should have been longer. and had more people. It was well worth it. The class went on the beach and talk about breathing! We are all set!

Now for the Book Truck Drill Team. I am in charge of the Rockin' Robbins. Most of the team, and we are a team ,is coming tomorrow. Working out the specifics of how they would all get here was harder than teaching them the drill. But it is worth the work. I hope that more libraries will participate in the future. It is a real team building exercise. One of my members, Willow Hersh, a part time Circ person designed and painted all our costumes. Mary Hatch a full time circ library assistant glued and magnetized our hats and truck designs.
I have to say whatever the judges decide. I am proud of our little crew and we are all looking forward to entertaining you all. more to come . . . . . .

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