Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Robert Rivest, Meditation & Mindful Movement


Blogging to a mime should be pretty easy. We have been asked not to type while he is doing the exercises and breathing, and to top it off, we are going to the beach. So this should be a new kind of bloggin' for one and all. So I should have plenty of relaxing ideas and be totally stressfree before this is over.

Robert Rivest studied with Marcel Marceau in France. HE did the classic wall

Today is sbout mime tension and release. full of illusion,

Breathing should be slow and out. His voice is soothing ,you get the feeling of relaxing just listening to him.

He told a zen story about a man in a tree, two tigers,a mouse and a strawberry.

Stressors in life happen ,

How a brothers and sisters get along. The balloon one was great. You will have to see for yourself.

The way the publics demands affect you, Watch how you hold your hands when you are upset - a tight fist or an open palm.

The moment you cross over the line. Dig in

or get help.

He adds stories from his own life which relate quite a bit to everyones personal stressors especially about "letting go".. It takes energy to get energy"

If there are things stressing you out it will take energy to change .

(A pause for photo ops)

The way we eat

He did a series of vignettes (mimed of course) to great applause.

Mindful Eating. When you eat - just eat.

Change is like a river even a subtle change.

Sit up straight if you are comfortable.

Our lungs need room to breathe.

The brain needs a lot of oxygen.


Ideally breathe in thru nose and out through mouth

Notice you r breathing

your body is like silk cloth, as you breathe it folds around you

focus on numbers breathe in 2 out 2

breathe in 4, out 6

When we kick into overdrive, do some breathing.

It is cumulative throughout day.

We expel toxins through our breathing.

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