Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beyond the Next Generation: Library Catalog with WorldCat Local Tuesday May 6, 4:20pm

Beyond the Next Generation: Library Catalog with WorldCat Local Tuesday May 6, 4:20pm
Jan Ison, Exec. Director, Lincoln Trail Libraries System. Implementation of OCLC’s WorldCat Local in the Lincoln Trail Libraries System in IL.
www.ltls.org/ Try our new catalog: http://lincolntrail.worldcat.org/

They need to manage so much.
Illinois is big! Academic libraries, School libraries, public libraries, special libraries AND the State Library

· Obviously Books
· Images: Illinois Digital Archive – Digital Harvest
· E-resources and digital content collections are huge!
· Audio/Video
· E-Books : overdrive etc.

Problem: Illinois has information silos, and

Could have chosen Endeca, VUfind, but they looked around and wanted to: leverage OCLC holdings AND facilitate Interlibrary Loan. One of their criticisms of the previous situation was the fact that the link from discovery to delivery was circuitous.

Current online catalogs are
Why WorldCat Local?
· Common OPAC interface
· Next Generation Catalog
· Opportunity
· Statewide E-Resource Purchases
· Integrated Interlibrary Loan
· Illinois holdings for most resources already in OCLC
Advantages of OCLC’s WorldCat in the opinion of Lincoln trails
Google-like search box
Locally branded
Retrieves print, non-print, electronic
Faceted to focus on author, content format or date

Some of the characteristics of OCLC NEXT GENERATION CATALOGS
· They are currently using a link resolver, however, OCLC is working on a link resolver to directly access fulltext authorized electronic subscriptions.
· They use some Social networking tools
· Customized, shareable saved lists
· Citations provided

Unique features
· Moves management of the database to the network library.
· Moves from discovery to delivery. Librarians like to search, Users like to find.
· Integrates into URL link resolvers.

ILLINOIS presented multiple system problems: There were:
· 4 iLS
· 3 Link resolvers
· Works with 3 Resource Sharing operations.

Required to play in LINCOLN TRAILS WorldCatLocal
· Your library collections MUST be in WorldCat
· Illinois uses summarized.
· eSerials holdings need to be linked in OCLC - thru NELINET or consortium – FREE
· Must index OCLC numbers in ILS
· You MUST turn on interlibrary loan.


25 multi-type libraries participated at first.

Illinois developed a simple branded interface. All search boxes look the same.
Search boxes can be located in the library’s home page or wherever.
They integrate Syndetics book jackets

Top of display from OCLC, bottom is at the item level
Relevancy ranking defaults to the local library
Facets are to the left.

4 levels of relevancy – First three are
· Home collection
· Lincoln Trails libraries
· All Illinois libraries
· All Worldcat

At first OCLC couldn’t authenticate outside the library, so Jan huffed that they own EZProxy. They’d better. This is a work in progress.

They used OCLC Link Manager for access to databases with full text. Currently libraries are using SFX and Serials Solutions, however, universal link resolution should be possible.

MORE NEEDED Digital Content Access
Open Content Alliance titles do appear – Open Content needs to be ranked very high; as high as locally accessible materials.

· Jan raved about the Cite this item features
· Clickable information on the author, in different languages etc. Gave example using Mark Twain.
· Patrons can post reviews. She would like them to capture Amazon reviews or LibraryThing.

· Conduct User surveys
· Add local indexes (e.g. newspaper indexes developed locally)
· Home delivery for ILL
· Authentication using EZProxy
· Get all the pilot sites up
Takes longer than expected
Every library has a different idea of relevance and how to implement
Many Silos, fiefdoms .
Implementing delivery presents logistical changes.

http://www.slideshare.net/ put in worldcat local as a tag

You may view the most recent implementations of WorldCat Local at any one of the following sites:


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