Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blogger intro - Jen Ferguson

Hi all,

Greetings from one of the Team of Jens blogging from MLA. (How many of us are there? At least three, I think.)

My name is Jen Ferguson, and I'm about halfway through the MSLIS program at Syracuse. I'm another one of those career changing folks. My background is in science, and I'm currently working as a molecular biology research assistant at Wellesley College while I work towards my degree. I still love science, and I could certainly see myself in an academic science library someday. Hmm, or perhaps running a digitization project...or working in archives...or any number of other things. That's the beauty of this field, isn't it? Everything is just so darned interesting - how am I supposed to choose?

The first day of my first conference ever has been quite a whirlwind! And now I have to cut this short and head to dinner and the mellifluous tones of Tom Ashbrook.


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