Friday, May 4, 2007

A plug for Nancy Garden's talk

At breakfast in the Exhibit Hall this morning I met Nancy Garden, who is giving a presentation this afternoon at 3:15 on "From There to Here: Gay and Lesbian Kids' Books In Transition."

We had an interesting talk about kids, and bullying, and how literature can connect with all this, and she knows a lot and was very thoughtful.

See her 2006 book, Endgame, about a kid who is bullied and what results. I plan to read it.

She also mentioned two other books to me:

The Misfits, by James Howe
The Revealers, by Doug Wilhelm

I can't go hear her speak, because I need to attend the session on library website makeovers, but based on our conversation, I'm sure she'll be great! I hope someone else blogs it for me.

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