Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Millenials suggest ways to improve libraries

Since my fellow bloggers have already done a nice job of describing 'Meet the Millennials' with Stephen Abram, I thought I'd just share the teens' responses to the last question from the audience. That question was "What can we do for you?"

Some of their ideas:
  • Expand collections for a wider selection of books for their age range
  • Have more digital e-books (not audio books, but digital texts)
  • More interaction with people in libraries; less focus on technology
  • Brighter colors, more attractive and vibrant-looking facilities
  • Designated spaces for teens to hang out
And finally, the most popular suggestion: get rid of overdue fines, and instead move to a system where you can only borrow a book after you return the book you have.

Every single panel member was incredibly poised and well-spoken. If you're reading, panelists, thank you!