Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille:...- Scot Colford & Elissa Cadillic

Full Title: I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Demille: Using Video Editing Software to Create Instructional Videos

My Thoughts: There seems to be a wide range of applicability for the creation of these movies/screen casts for instruction and tutorials, attracting young people to the library, readers advisory, etc… I am excited to learn more about this and to see if we can try creating a video at our library (maybe a virtual tour, catalog instruction video, teen video creation contest, etc…). It would be nice to develop some partners to help with this such as teens, techies that come to the library, collaboration with other libraries, etc... I mentioned a teen video creation contest to our new TAG and one of them became very excited, so maybe this is a project we could do with some teens or in conjunction with the local High School.

If you attended the Rural Library Sustainability Project Poster Session later in the day you may have seen the fabulous video creation project that Bernadette from the Milford Public Library is undertaking. With the help of a grant, she has begun creating some very helpful instructional/tutorial videos for patrons using the Cantasia software and other affordable tools. This is a great example of how we can apply the innovative practices put forth in this session to help train/inform our patrons and staff!

Session Notes:
You need: a message, idea, camcorder (digital will make life easier), computer, video editing software.
Visualize your idea – make a storyboard!

Storyboarding: Organizes concepts into shots, scenes, sequences, stand in for shooting scripts, assists with editing later, if you can’t draw try

Shooting Footage: Use digital camcorder, learn how to use it first; use different angles (180 degree rule – stay on one side), extra footage, and think about sound in advance (Use external mic, record from the same position during various shots, check sound as you go, record the room tone (background noise in room)).

Video Editing Software: Cheap (Windows Movie Maker 2 (XP & Vista), iMovie (Mac); Expensive (Adobe Premiere Pro (approx. $800), Final Cut Pro (approx. $1,300), Other (“Lite” and “home” versions, bundled software).

Windows Movie Maker: import video (AVI, MPEG, WMV), still images, audio (WAV, MP3, AIFF, WMA); record narration; create titles; apply video effects, transition effects; Plugins (
-Can change audio volume, add music, video transitions (fading, shatter to right, etc…), video effects, save it as a project or movie file (to computer, cd, the web)
-Take individual shots/clips, combine them into scenes, and then combine scenes into a movie.

Screen casts: Windows Media Encoder (free), Macromedia Flash Player (little more expensive), Save often and rename your files (file names mimic the topic), Camtasia (another program), Fast Capture (free downloadable screen shot capture program).

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