Thursday, May 3, 2007

Launching Library 2.0: Working in the New Web World

Presenter Amy Benson - who works at NELINET doing training and consulting.

Just a side note - everything is 2.o now - even Barbie (of whom I am not a fan for many reasons, and now I've got one more to add to the list!)

Although I've been attending workshop sessions on Web 2.0 and Library 2.o for quite a while now, I'm still interested in what exactly is happening in and around libraries and how they are using it. Apparently, there are plenty of other librarians in the same boat because this session has filled the room once again.

I will focus not on what it is, but how it's being used by libraries and my reflections or ideas about what can be done. It's sort of a cycle. Groups, software, users drive the technology and use it.

"Viral Momentum" - technology-assisted word of mouth spreading information much faster than typical word of mouth method.

The 3 hallmarks of Web 2.0:
  • Self Service
  • Community - example: OK Go - Here It Goes Again: music video on YouTube.
  • Trust
Blogs - Memorial Hall Library has an online teen poetry contest.
Wiki's - Butler University has added a wiki for their reference collection where people can annotate each reference source.
RSS (Real Simple Syndication) - allows you to push/send out information to users, alert services about new events or materials: University of Nevada has alert lists for different genres of new books.

OPAC 2.0: John Blyberg wrote an ILS Customer Bill of Rights This is something I've also been hearing about quite a bit. The fact is, we need to start demanding certain functions from our vendors for ILS's. These libraries are doing things with their OPAC's that make them interactive
  • FictionFinder (from OCLC): not just a MARC record, but a full description.
  • University of Rochester has one called CUPID (sp?)
  • Plymouth State Library
Book Burro - a Mozilla Firefox extension. You find the book you want and it will find you the one with the lowest price and if your library has it.

Library LookUp - a bookmarklet that allows users to go straight to your library catalog and a book's record specifically.

Library ELF - allows patrons to receive reminders about books and when they are due.

The whole presentation will be posted on the NELA website.

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