Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quick Intro Post from the Eclectic Library!

Hi, all. This is Jennifer Koerber, who usually writes over in The Eclectic Library. I'm blogging MLA in more of a note-taking style, contrasted well by the more thoughtful and reflective posts of many of my fellow bloggers. I'm excited to go back and re-read everyone's varied takes on the programs.

Short stuff about me: my height (5'3"); I'm a Generalist Librarian for the Boston Public Library, out in Allston; I've been blogging professionally for about six months; I'm also a Technical Director for a local community theatre group and this year's Marketing Director for Arisia (largest regional Science Fiction convention in the country).

I'm thoroughly enjoying the conference, though I'm about to be late to the first session of the day. Best wishes, and read on!

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