Friday, May 4, 2007

Book 2.0 and Sean Stewart

What is this strange hybrid of book and online interactive experience rolled into one? I'm trying to overcome my baby-boomer tendency to want written books to be linear and static. I'm not used to having to help out or participate in the stories I read. I generally want to sit back and enjoy the story; go for the ride that the author provides.

Sean Stewart talks of this strange "beast" of a "book" where you actually read, interact on-line, perhaps even call telephone numbers. What does this mean? It's not an easy concept to get my mind around, especially having not read his book, "Cathy's Book." But it sounds like these "books" are potentially the next literary/gaming experience to be welcomed by young adults (and others).

Imagine, you are reading a book, you get to a part where you need to call an actual telephone number? Or, you need to go to a webpage for information. (Bear with me, I'm guessing about these interactive books/experience). I can only say that I plan on reading Sean's book as soon as possible to get a better idea of what this is all about.

People in the audience had questions about how long the interactive aspects of the book will last (such as calling a phone number or game-participation as connected to the book). Sean said that they are working on these aspects; internet production is not without its problems (production costs, etc.).

Sean says that Cathy's Book even has an IM component...can you understand why I'm having a slow time grasping the idea of this medium; we're going beyond the idea of the "book" to a combo Web 2.0/written novel. Anyone feel free to correct me, I am slow to conceive of this idea having not experienced it yet. I'm trying to visualize this hybrid experience as holding a book while typing on my laptop...I'm getting better at this every day.

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Mat Bose said...

Book 2.0 sounds really cool, I am sure that it will be a great way to get young people and techno-crats everywhere reading more books. I can't wait to learn more!