Thursday, May 3, 2007

Girls + Comics

Three esteemed comic book creators spoke about the relationship of girls and comics and the roles of girls in comics, pointing out the writing to a specific audience or demographic is hard and limited. They try to write what they like and tell a good story, and are fortunate that their work is widely read.

They are seeing more girls at conventions, and think the Internet has been a great gender equalizer. It's important to note that there are more women in editing and creating imprints within larger publishing houses.

As far as images of women in comics, we should bear in mind there is pinup art glorifying the female figure dating back to Egyptian hieroglyphics in the pyramids. The saving grace is the intent and how the image is being channeled - to glorify or demonize, worship or objectify, for gratuitous purposes or to add to the story.

Librarians were encouraged to give feedback to the comic books/graphic novels publishers. More stuff for kids is an oft-repeated request of late. If the company recognizes there is a market, they will make the effort.

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