Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stephen Abram - brief and extremely random notes ...

Stephen had some difficulty with technology, getting his presentation up and running, but handled it with grace and humor. He is a very entertaining speaker who I've never heard before! Please come to ACRL Annual in Seattle in 2009??

A few quotes:
“It’s an information ocean, not a highway”
“Libraries are a community ‘Exploration Space’ not merely a collection space”

A lot about public misperceptions of the content of Google – the pervasiveness of advertising

I’m wondering if his PowerPoint will be put online – some interesting content about technology forecasting

He has a blog called “Stephen’s Lighthouse” –

“How and Why” are the questions that libraries answer best. “Who what where when” are what Google does well ..

He says DVDs are going away in 5 years or less … Yikes – what’s the plan?

He polled students coming out of the University of Toronto and 100% had Facebook accounts – 30% of librarians?

A lot about social web tools/library 2.0 … I hope we’re ready for this as a profession.

“Out Front with Stephen Abram” – his book -

So librarians, “Are you ready to be the purple cow” and have some fun while you're at it?

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