Thursday, May 3, 2007

Technical Services Section annual meeting

Mike Stevens, prez., opened the meeting and introduced the members of the TSS board.
Can't type fast enough to catch all their names.....

minutes of last year's meeting are being passed around and are being read aloud. wonder if it will be on the tss web site?

minutes of 2006 approved. This section is responsible for bringing in Karen Calhoun, Barbara Tillett, Dr. William Moen - major names in cataloging

there are open positions. looking for a vice chair/chair elect. There were no nominations this year. So, we;re talking about how to handle this - are there any volunteers? Now it's a 3 year committment; it used to be 6!!!!

No one has jumped up - anybody out there interested? Question from the group - how are you trained for the position? Answer - lots of it is collaborative. We work withing the MLA executive committee, the conference committee (a raucous, fun committee, in Mike's words) so you are not on your own.
another question - how many meetings per year? 3 or 4 per year. more virtual communication now than face to face meetings.
No one is out there on a limb by themselves. Everyone helps.

It's left for now - anyone interested? Contact someone on the TSS board - check the web site for contact info.

There are 2 other open positions. member at large and secretary and we have a partial slate.
Motion: to direct the secretary to cast a vote for the election of the slate. passed
last board meeting in february - discussion. is technical services the correct name for this group? We're perhaps not as technical as the 'technical' people (systems) we work with. We don't work as deeply into technology anymore. MLA does not have a technology section, so this group has acknowledged the technology people. So since this is true, we should keep the technology piece of this.
Discussion - there is a feeling that MLA should have a technology section. We're moving away from having Tech. Services being responsible for the systems as we were when we were all bringing up our ILS projects. There is also a feeling that tech. services needs to also encompass acquistions and serials as well as cataloging. We're not the computer support people; we need to be aware of the integration of bib info and serials and acquistions. Also, catalogers are being asked more and more to be reference librarians as well.

Quasi def. of TSS :

forum for communication for people who deal with the infrastruction of what goes on in the library (inc. bib, acq., serials, technology, collection development)

Comment: we could change our name to bibliographic services and then no one would know what we're up to! chuckles...

This past year we did not have any stand alone programs altho we have a heritage of very successful stand alones - web development, preservation, genealogy and a very early program on using fax machines. more chuckles and laughter

ideas - open source ILS, eportfolios, dublin core and preparation for the digital commonwealth, social networking - tagging, wikis, etc.

adjourned at 9:28

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