Friday, May 4, 2007

RDA and FRBR: Next Bib things in Cataloging

When Library of Congress librarian Barbara B. Tillett speaks about RDA & FRBR she talks about saving time, sharing information ("interfilable and usable"), and serving the user better at the international level. Emphasis is on changing the terminology and simplifing the concepts. New elements will effect MARC21, especially the GMDs (material descriptions).

July-September 2008 - Draft due to be available.
Early 2009- First release
View/listen to a 3-minute demo of RDA Online:

RDA (Resource Description and Access) will:
  • replace AACR2
  • simplify cataloging code
  • encourage worldwide use
  • provide consistency
  • address current problems with types of materials
  • be principle-based
  • support FRBR
  • be web-based ("not linear, but a we-tool")
  • be multinational
  • enable users
  • uses "take what you see" approach

AACR2 uses old terminology and does not include the concepts for moving into a more electronic world.

Why present these standards? Because in the real world, what has been known as "cataloging" is being done by authors, publishers, students, etc. It is not all MARC21, but we need to use other schemas.

See Drafts and Docuements:

FRBR (Fundamental Requirements for Bibliographic Records) is a thorough examination of anything that might ever be cataloged by thinking in terms of:

  • work
  • expressions
  • manifestions
  • items

FRBR User Tasks, which are the reasons people use libraries:
  • Find
  • Identify
  • Select
  • Obtain

Change is coming. Stay tuned.

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