Friday, May 4, 2007

Blog's Eye View - Michael Stephens, Jessa Crispin, Jenny Levine

My Thoughts: The speakers were very informative, I really liked the diversity of their blogging backgrounds and different perspectives (props to the person who selected this panel!). I was particularly interested in what Jessa Crispin had to say since I was somewhat unfamiliar with her blog; I really enjoyed listening to her ideas and her humorous candor (comments not enabled, not an advanced technology user, phobia of online life, etc…).

I was very happy that they talked about how blogs can be a dynamic portion of library websites & that they get other staff members involved. I am a firm believer in staff taking ownership of and personal interest in their work (increases productivity and a sense of accomplishment), and blogs are one way that this can be achieved.

I should have taken a picture of the panel to post with this, since Michael Stephens took a picture of us for a Flickr account!


Reading Rocks YA Library said...

This was one of my favorites. I have visited Jenny's blog but had not been to Michael or Jessa's. Looking forward to exploring those and start playing around with creating my own just for fun and to practice. Now that this semester at URI is over I have a little more time to test one out. With summer reading coming very soon this would be useful in reaching the teens about weekly programs.

Jen said...

I enjoyed this as well, but was really disappointed in Jessa's tone and attitude. Her points concerning the proliferation of blogs were valid, but she seemed to be saying that she blogs purely for the money but would rather be doing anything BUT that. I wish she could have expressed herself in a more professional manner