Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hi, I'm Andrea, and I'll be one of your bloggers today

My name is Andrea Mercado, and I'll only be at the MLA conference for the day, but I'll do my best to make it as fulfilling a day as possible.

I'm the Reference and Techie Librarian at the fabulous Reading Public Library, where I work the reference desk, teach classes (patron and staff), work on technology planning and support, and just about anything else that comes up.

When I'm not at Reading, I'm the manager of the PLA Blog, the official blog of the Public Library Association, which includes the care and feeding of the WordPress blog software, blogging & podcasting conferences, wrangling volunteer bloggers at conferences, and posting stuff that public librarians would find interesting.

I also have my own professional blog,, where I write about technology, librarianship, culture, and how they often collide, converge, diverge, and convalesce. I speak at workshops, meetings, and conferences, and work on various freelance projects. I'm also available on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

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