Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keeping Your Library & Your Library's Technology Substainable

Nimble and Flexible

Linda Braun led this pre-conference program with a focus on the small and rural library. Most of us in attendance are from libraries with less than 25,000 patrons and have a lot to share. We worked together and realized many of the ways that we can keep our libraries sustainable. This program was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WebJunction Rural Library Sustainability Project. Linda Braun and Nancy Rea of the Mass Board of Library Commissioners have brought this program to regional library groups. This is the program's first conference debut.

Linda teaches us to be "nimble and flexible" librarians. Our roles change as technology changes and these qualities aid us in keeping our services relevant. We struggle because we all want to help people but we don't always know how to communicate with our patrons.

We collaborated on what the word "sustainable" means to us in the work that we do. Some of the ideas that the group worked on: We agreed that keeping sustainable is not an easy job. "Libraries are a two way street. This involves the patrons and the library staff. This is a responsibility. Somebody quoted the Godfather, "Keep you friends close and your enemies closer". Your Board of Directors can be your best political advocate.

Sustainability Tools for Nimble and Flexible Librarians from Linda and Participants

Here is an example of a librarian using Wordpress with an online catalog:
a site for non-profits to locate discounted hardware and software organize your to do lists
And do check out

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