Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keynote speaker Callie Crossley

Just so you get a sense of where I am ...

We're here in back of the ballroom blogging .. Seven of us. There are about 150 attendees here to listen to the first keynote speaker, Callie Crossley who is clearly attuned to the mission of libraries. I was surprised, given that she is the keynote speaker, that the room isn't packed, but there is also a Pre-conference program running right now (8:30-12:30) I feel bad that those folks are missing a great speaker.

I'm planning to blog with my colleagues back at MWCC in mind, who couldn't be here today, because of the costs of the conference. It's my first MLA Annual, so I'm very curious about what's in store. I've already seen a few of my academic library colleagues here which is nice- I think any events that bring together librarians from different institutions are good for the profession.

One of the things I'm hoping to do while I'm here is talk up an upcoming free event sponsored by the Central Mass Regional Library System - "My College Freshman is Your High School Senior" - - which is open to all who are interested. This will be our second annual "My College Freshman" event, and I'm sure we'll build on the wild success of last year. Sign up today to be sure to grab your spot that day.

Back to our speaker though ... more to follow shortly :)

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